Armin’s “Next Level” Plan

Become “Texas’s Most Family Friendly City”

Keller is special because of the families and residents who make up our unique City. With over 26 miles of trails and hike, the amenities we provide, and the top-notch education our children receive, Keller is a jewel of Tarrant County.

The vision Armin has for Keller is an ambitious one – to take Keller to the “Next Level” and be recognized as “Texas’s Most Family Friendly City.” To do this, it will require a collective effort between our residents, city leaders, Keller ISD, and the business community. We must bring real taxpayer relief, attract quality commercial development, prioritize our roads, sidewalks, and infrastructure, ensure public safety, and maintain Keller’s character through our parks, trails, and green open spaces. The Keller of tomorrow will strive to remain unique, vibrant, and entrepreneurial.

At Town Hall, we must reject the status quo and stop doing business as usual. Becoming “Texas’s Most Family Friendly City” is not an easy task; Nevertheless, it is an ambitious goal we must set and can accomplish if we work together.

Bring Real Taxpayer Relief

To best serve the needs of our residents and businesses, Keller must be a fiscally responsible and taxpayer-friendly city. Armin has been a champion for taxpayers. As Councilman from 2014 to 2018, Armin introduced and fought for the first ever increase to the Keller Homestead Exemption in over 30 years. Because of those efforts, today Keller recognizes a 14% Homestead Exemption.

Armin’s “Next Level” plan calls for the city to implement a 20% Homestead Exemption while reducing our tax rate down to the “No New Tax” rate. This means that if you are a homeowner in the city of Keller, the city’s portion of your property tax bill will be at a reduced amount of 20% off your home’s total appraised value.

Ensure and Support Public Safety

Under Armin’s leadership, Keller will continue to be one of the safest cities in all of Texas to live and raise a family. Armin appreciates and recognizes the important sacrifices made by our first responders. As Mayor, we will make sure our first responders have the resources, training, and support necessary to keep Keller safe.

In 2016, Armin was appointed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, to serve on the Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority. In that capacity, Armin has established relationships and partnered with law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Texas to combat a billion-dollar enterprise involving auto theft and major crimes.

Armin understands firsthand the sacrifices made by our first responders and the work they do to keep our communities safe. With Armin as Mayor, Keller will continue to support our Police, Fire, and EMS.

Attract Quality Economic Development

We must continue to reduce the tax burden on Keller residents by attracting quality economic development and bringing in businesses whose sales tax dollars can help offset the dependency placed on Keller taxpayers.

E- Commerce and businesses like Amazon, Uber, and GrubHub have forever changed the way consumers shop, commute, and dine. Communities that don’t adapt to the change in consumer trends, will fall backwards. We must ensure Keller does not fall backwards. To do this, we must recruit businesses who offer an experiential component for consumers which will help establish Keller as a place where residents can live, work, and play in the same community. We must establish Keller as a regional hub where creative thinking and creative businesses are welcomed.

Lastly, we must stop the practice of giving out free economic incentives without assuring our taxpayers anything in return. Should an economic incentive be considered, it must be a sustainable economic incentive that is repayable, and directly tied to new revenue and new jobs created.

Address and De-Stigmatize Mental Health

In the last 5 years, Keller PD has responded to almost 200 attempted suicide calls, with dozens of confirmed suicides. Armin recognizes the need for a coordinated strategy to address mental health issues facing residents.

One of Armin’s priorities will be to create a volunteer task force made up of citizens, public safety personnel, school officials, and healthcare professionals. The task force will assist in developing a coordinated campaign to help remove the stigma around mental health, raise awareness, and make sure that more Keller residents and students have access to the mental health care they seek.

Armin’s vision includes collaborating and strengthening existing efforts being made at the State and County level, and assuring that our police, firefighters, and paramedics, have the resources necessary to address the distress calls they already receive on a regular basis. Keller will be a leader in the effort to de-stigmatize mental health.